7 Edtech startups changing the way we study for good

7 Edtech startups that are changing the way we study for goodWith so many different Ed Tech startups emerging in the year 2017 and changing the industry it can be difficult to know which exciting new education technology firm is the one worth investing in or the one worth watching out for its ability to make a significant difference to the future of our world. There are hundreds of new education technology startups throughout the UK as well as throughout the world. As these international education initiatives are partnering with major universities it is possible for many students wherever they are in the world to get access to the education that they need over almost any device connected to the Internet. Here are seven of the top Ed Tech startups that are permanently changing the way that people are studying worldwide:

Technology will save us:

This company started as an educational toy manufacturer but they have quickly worked to develop a brand-new system that is teaching kids at almost any age the chance to code and create the software of the future. Technology will save us is building a number of toys that allow children to not only develop software but the integrated with various hardware in the toys. This means that kids can basically create their own fun toys with a variety of functions that they simply wouldn’t be able to find in many top toys today. Technology will save us is a startup that is not only making the process of learning code much more accessible for children but it’s also working to get kids more interested in the tech sector of the future. Playing with these toys at a young age could give them the basis that they need to start software coding early on and could allow them to start developing more complex systems as they continue to grow and go on with their education. This company has received over £1.2 million in funding since they got started in the year 2015. As they continue to develop more toys and larger software development suites, this tech company could eventually go on to create more opportunities for kids to learn code and build up a future of success in the software industry.


Refme is a referencing software that is designed for students in college and university to very quickly generate bibliographies. The process of referencing and formatting is one that takes an extensive amount of time within research. By cutting down some of this time it’s possible to not only improve the lives of college and university students but to make sure that they can have access to tools which could allow them to pursue future research improvements in studies, thesis papers and more. Refme is a fairly recent and very exciting opportunity for many people working in research and even in the textbook creation world. For the efficiency that referencing can now occur, Refme will be an extremely popular solution for the future and one to watch for investing. This company is received £3.75 million in funding over the past year and this could be just a small example of what they can build through the future.



This startup is directly responsible for providing education through the corporate world and build for the direct development of employees. While this is an educational platform the main version of this platform is wrapped up in the idea of development and direct training rather than the basics of a particular diploma program. Employers can build up their own requirements in every aspect of this learning domain and create study programs that can help to teach future employees as well as expand their skills to make them ready for their future positions. Proversity is essentially changing the way that we think about training software for the workplace by taking a more traditional education-based approach. The content on this system ranges from everything from simple tutorials to extremely complex web elements as well as assessment tools for gauging skills after the program is completed. The project is raising VC funding and eventually breaking into new markets and new countries with the chance to expand into many new industries as well.



Gojimo was developed primarily as a revision and study platform to help prepare students directly for exams. The main focus of this program is to deliver an excessive bull web application that suited to students for their revision process. It can be accessed on many different devices including android, IOS and more. Gojimo also has a variety of inapt purchases for premium content from textbook manufacturers as well. Through this revision platform it could be possible for students to not only review items from their textbook directly but to continue uploading new content with the help of teachers or professors. Current publishing partnerships with Gojimo include McGraw-Hill education and Oxford University press ensuring that this is a tool that can be used across many different departments and in many aspects of education technology. With these powerful partnerships involved it could be only a matter of time before Gojimo continues to expand and include access to more relevant resources for revision, study and improvement during exams. The company is currently raised over £630,000 from a variety of funding sources and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Show my homework:

Show my homework is a new initiative for generating learning resources, sharing homework and assignments with parents and teachers as well as generating evaluation reports. Show my homework is changing the way that both primary, secondary and post secondary students are completing reports and their homework assignments. As a full-service learning platform a variety of data can be stored online including all of the reports on evaluation, homework marking, corrections and a variety of study resources. This can be a platform that really makes marking easier for teachers, learning easier on students and the relationship between students, parents and teachers a much more. All experience. As a result of their initial success Show My Homework now has over 1500 schools using their platform across the world. As Show My Homework becomes a more fine tuned system is a very good chance that schools could one day become completely paperless as a result of the platform that has been built here.



Memrise is a platform which is designed for language studies. The platform could also easily be adjusted for memorization in a variety of other subjects but it has been primarily developed for the use of language learning initially. Memrise is a completely fortified language and learning platform that has ongoing tests, reminders and continuous engagement activities they can act almost like an online teacher for students in almost any type of language program. Memrise has put extensive research into the science of learning a language and developed a number of activities that are extremely conducive to building a base knowledge for language learning. While there are many digital learning platforms for languages available today, Memrise could very well represent the future of this platform with the success that many people are having as well as the reception of the platform itself. Many people are extremely excited about this platform as well especially investors. The program has received over $4.5 million worth of funding thus far.



KnowledgeMotion is a brand-new educational platform that provides a gigantic video library for educational resources. The overall goal of this platform is to eventually build a subscription-based model for both students and educators to create educational videos and to build a successful educational platform for a variety of subjects. KnowledgeMotion has the goal to build a platform somewhat like the educational Netflix. With the idea of educators being able to easily discover videos and tutorial resources on the types of subjects their students are required to learn for curriculum understanding. Licensed videos available for use will be available on this platform and KnowlegeMotion is working to build a number of partnerships with major educational video producers and content publishers. Currently they have signed a deal with content publishers such as Pearson and through over £1.2 million in VC funding, they will likely be able to acquire partnerships with a number of other educational video producers and developers. Through this funding and through the expansion of their platform KnowledgeMotion will be able to continue their expansion and enhance their abilities to create a massive library of online educational videos available to educators.

As you can see there are a number of excellent opportunities within the Ed Tech realm. With many of these top companies across the world receiving funding and working on initiatives on all sides of education we could start to see an even greater digitization effort made with education at every level. The future of education looks bright and we could soon have an entire educational system that is made up of resources which are easy to access, paperless homework, better relationships with parents/students/teachers and more accessible skills training for international students. If you are considering Ed Tech as an investment now is the time to get in on the ground floor!

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