UK Edtech Company Zzish hits £1.15m funding target on Crowdcube: Here’s why

UK Edtech Company Zzish hits Million funding target on Crowdcube Heres whyUK investment into education technology continues to rise drastically and for a number of different reasons. A number of major Ed tech startups are continuing to see excellent funding online. The UK edtech company Zzish has been one of the latest in funding targets on the crowd funding website Crowdcube. More and more prospective investors and regular individuals are seeing not only the value of digital technology but also the benefit to investing in these new pursuits. Major universities across the world are creating digital platforms that can change education for the future. We are truly beginning to see a pivot point in the idea of digital education with the chance for many companies such as Zzish to step up and create the opportunities for investment and the platforms for the future success of international students.

Zzish is one of the most promising new developments in the education tech industry because it was founded by a former Google employee. Zzish is a startup that shows promise as the lead of a Google product manager as well as a series of investors which include pupils, developers and teachers. After receiving an initial £1.15 million, it’s estimated that Zzish we eventually grow to include nearly £3 million in funds. The project is continued to be backed by investors such as leaf investments, Ed tech venture funds Neil Hutchinson, and the forward Internet group as well as Crowdcube. There are many very interested and qualified parties stepping forward in order to deliver backing and support to Zzish as well as ensure its future success. Many investors that got in early have seen continual growth and improvement as a result of this early on funding solution.

Zzish saw much of its initial funding not only from the promise of a great company backed by great people but as a familiarity in UK investing. The UK currently stands as the third largest market in Edtech investments and a number of British Edtech companies are continuing to build their demand overseas as well as with a number of developing nations. Many British companies are targeting Asian markets for the launch of their ed tech platforms and as a means to upskill populations where job opportunities are extremely competitive.

The other major benefit that comes alongside the investment in edtech companies like Zzish is the overall idea of stability. Investors in Ed tech can enjoy a market that will be overly stable even in the wake of Brexit and other major concerns that are plaguing UK investors currently. With the idea of UK industry being very much in jeopardy as a result of the votes in Brexit, there’s really no telling exactly what can go on for various types of investors in other industries. Because this is such an international initiative and because so many British companies are going to be targeting primarily international markets with these software products, the industry remains extremely stable and capable of growth even in the wake of Brexit.

Many British companies have also partnered with powerful companies in Silicon Valley and in the silicon roundabout. This ensures that some of the greatest in UK Ed tech can continue to thrive and spread throughout the world. The speed of development and rollout on many of these new projects is absolutely mind boggling and with the current funding available to a company like Zzish they can continue their rapid expansion through acquisition as well as through the process of building up their company with access to development resources.

The founder of Zzish also works as a huge sales asset to this company. As it is, the former Google product manager is able to produce a huge buzz around the new company. Charles Wiles also has an extensive track record and education to lend to this budding new industry. With a doctorate in artificial intelligence and robotics, he is motivated to build ED tech programs that could mean the future of education for his young children. He was inspired with the idea of an online music quiz through the Song Pop Applicatoin. His overall goal was to eventually create an educational quiz on the same platform with targeted play and a more academic approach.

In order to build this app Charles would eventually quit his job at a data company and begin personally coding a platform that would one day turn into an online educational program. His original vision continue to compound to build more than just a simple educational quiz but a platform that could change the future of learning for people not only across the UK but worldwide.

Zzish even beyond its track record, its form and function and its very gifted founder has won a series of awards for its formative assessment and for its teacher dashboards. It is one of the preferred system among many UK teachers as well as for many educational quizzes and learning strategies for universities. Through the design of this platform and its continuous innovation, Zzish will likely go on to win more awards, see more recognition as well as enjoy the chance at become a go to app for many educational departments. As this type of notoriety and usefulness grows, the chance for Zzish as an investment to also grow is a very big possibility.

Zzish represents an equal opportunity for many developers especially when it comes to investment as well. Mobile learning is become a huge billion-dollar market and as a result many developers are stuck with the creation of educational apps without the chance to have an app or quiz that can learn and be intuitive and its dashboard. Zzish connect almost like a shortcut for developers who are interested in producing high-quality educational applications or high-quality teacher dashboards. The system itself offers proprietary use to developers with the chance to save up to 50 to 80% of the costs and time of full development and application. By sharing system resources and the development tasks, Zzish is opening up the path for many teachers, educators and education facilities to build mobile technology that can not only improve student engagement but deliver much more effective learning in a packaged and personalized format. Zzish could represent a chance for many universities and individuals to roll out products in a much faster manner to tackle new subjects, to help prepare students for exams and accomplish a wide array of other objectives.

Zzish also represents an excellent opportunity now because it’s so widely used. Since the initial funding that was provided with this company today over 80,000 teachers in over 110 countries with 1 million students or more are using this platform as their dashboard or developer tool of choice. From this massive adoption of the system Zzish was nominated for the teach secondary technologies innovation award in 2016 and has continued to be a method for improving standards of learning and teaching in academics for individuals using. Zzish has also since become recognized as one of the top 20 startups for both innovation and growth within Edtech in the UK. It continues to get nominated for its business growth within the Bett show and in several other public forums and only continues to grow with its potential.

The market potential for a product like Zzish only continues to rise. As the demand for Edtech companies and products is forecasted to grow over 17% from today until the year 2020, there is considerable room for investment and improvement within this industry. Companies like Zzish are well established and have a chance at becoming one of the top industry standards in an emergent $252 billion that are estimated to come out of the future growth in demand in this industry. Ed tech startups as a result of this projected growth are becoming so the fastest commodities for investors and the power of Zzish is only going to be showcased as the app continues to grow in its reception.

Angel investors like Alan Maguire have gone on to say that Zzish brings together learning outcomes as well as real efficiency with the education environment. Many education technology companies are continuing to marry these two objectives together but this has been the goal of Zzish from the beginning. With this proper motivation in the marketplace and the impact that it can have on educational systems as well as the students using them, his partner company, Leaf Investments felt as though they had no choice but to invest in Zzish as a company. As more companies continue to innovate their products Zzish is essentially acting as a railroad or a base strategy forging the path for them to continue. As one of the current industry standards for educational applications and product improvements, investment and appreciation of apps like Zzish can represent a truly bright future for the Ed tech industry. It is absolutely no wonder why a company like this one would receive funding on almost any type of crowd funding platform. If the option to invest in a standardized Edtech company like Zzish comes about it could present an explosive opportunity for investors interested in riding the wave of Ed tech demand internationally.

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